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                             The Black Flamingo......A FASHION HOUSE


  Christy Pacella opened The Black Flamingo in 2006 surrounded by the sun and sand of sunny Laguna Beach California. Quickly making a mark on the Orange County fashion scene, fashionistas would flock from as far as New York just to catch a handful of vintage treasures that adorn the racks of this tiny shop perched along Pacific Coat Hwy. Christy a born fashion slave piled the shop to the brim with fashion forward goodies from bright couture dresses to giant exaggerated jewels. Never one to follow the trends she whipped up unique dresses from vintage fabrics, working hand and hand with her local sewer to offer truly local couture wears. 

  This fashion house became the GO TO for all things fabulous gaining the liking of both local and international celebrities.Each season turning out more and more couture that kept her clients coming back. As the bright lights of Hollywood came knocking on the door in Laguna Beach her shop landed front and center of a number of hit television shows. Soon The Black Flamingo became a fixture in what is now known as some of the most popular shows on TV today, "Laguna Beach"(MTV),"The City"(MTV),"Orange County Housewives"(Bravo),"The Hills"(MTV).....and the list goes on and on.

  It was not just the merchandise that kept her clients so loyal, it was her keep ability to style each customer, famous or not, a true test of her love for fashion. The Black Flamingo was not just a place to shop, it was a FASHION HOUSE. A place to discover new ideas in fashion, not just keeping up with the trends but setting them.

  Christy Pacella and The Black Flamingo continue to create and entertain the fashion world. Styling some of the hottest celebrities that we dare not mention here, after all a Black Flamingo never reveals her secrets. 

  Christys' close relationship with the reality world created a platform to showcase her talents in both clothing and jewelry. What is now one of the most coveted items to own, The OC Monogram necklace is making its way onto the necks celebs and fans alike. Each season popping up on more and more shows, this necklace is the MUST HAVE. Monogram fashions have been around for centuries, the letters clearly state who you are and where you come from. Now Monogram fashions are a staple in the wardrobes of the stylish elite. Now you can showcase your fashion sense and create a monogram with an array of design choices. 

   In 2011 the once tiny shop on the side of the road grew wings and yearned for a bigger nest. Bringing all that her clients love so much right into their living rooms. Offering her latest obsessions right here on 

  Thank you for stopping and welcome to The Black Flamingo Family.

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