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Thank you for shopping The Black Flamingo. We strive everyday to make our website shopping experience even more fabulous. So from time to time we update our information to better serve you little fashionistas. So sorry about the yawn fest below but this information will help you understand how to shop with us and how we can help you be the best Flamingo you can be.

We like to call this the BLAH BLAH BLAH Fine print. 

-Shipping policy:

We ship all of our items wrapped up with love and affection, insured and priority. We are happy to accommodate rush orders or special delivery dates. Please include this information in the NOTES of your order. You can also contact us direct to discuss these type of orders. Most items ship with 14 working business days unless "special circumstances" occur. Fashion emergencies on occasion count as a "special circumstance"


Shipping costs are available in the check out options of your cart and it will include your insurance. Shipping is never more than $ 19.99- So shop away my fine feathered friend, we won't tell.

-Return &  Exchange policy:

In the event that your drank too much coffee and went over board shopping online, well, all we can offer is that you switch to decaf and consider a new hobby. We highly recommend Yoga and reading fashion magazines. On the other hand lets say you ordered the newest hot maxi dress for your summer pool party and when it arrive it was too short, even though you read the measurements( wink wink)...Well in this case we could offer an exchange for another size. We find this acceptable Flamingo behavior and we want you to look smashing at your next event. We do ask that you follow our exchange policy instructions to be sure we get your item reshipped and get you ready for your big party.

If you have purchased soft goods, such as a sweatshirt, hat, clothing or non custom jewelry, we consider a 7 day exchange only if the item has the tags attached, it is shipped back to us within 72 hours of receipt, and all packaging is included. Simple enough, right?

  -Don't be a diva. If you wore your dress to the party and now you want to swap it for a new one, that is tacky and Flamingos are classy.  Items that have been worn, damaged or shipped back uninsured will not be refunded or returned. The cost of return shipping is the customers responsibility.


If The Black Flamingo  has shipped in error and  we have made a mistake first take a deep breath, then please contact us prior to shipping it back so we know what to look for. Include your name, order number, contact information and any other important notes. We are here to help and we want you to have a great experience shopping at The Black We are a small business and we are not perfect but who is...So don't get your feathers in a ruffle over nothing, it will give you wrinkles. Just relax and let us know how we can make your day better.

Monogram and custom orders:

Ok this part had a little more fine print my fine feathered friends so grab a cup of tea- You are about to be come a enlightened shopper.

-If you have ordered a customer monogram item, please be sure to look over all the options on our website. We are happy to answer any questions prior and after check out. You can add UPGRADE options to your cart and be assured that it will not be charged to your credit card until we contact you by email or phone with 72 hours of check out. A typical order can take about 3-4 emails to discuss your letters, metals, stones, chains, shipping dates and more. We can help you decide what letters work the best for you, what upgrade options you have and offer any promotions we have at the time of order. After all we are THE STYLIST and we are THE BLACK FLAMINGO and what kind of website would this be if you did not have one on one attention. You are important to us and we want you to be part of the process of designing and dreaming up your custom order.

-We understand you are ordering an item you can not see right up front and we are here to help you though the process. Monogram letters are pretty straight forward and placement is actually very simple. The craftsmanship and hand set stones is an art. Many companies make their items from machines. When computers and machines are used it can make the item look cheap, flat and lack luster. Making items by hand ensures it is scrolled, the letters are interlocked and over all cemetery is achieved.   A sketch of your letters can be requests to ensure the outcome is what you wanted. 

- Here is some great news.....we won't charge you until we make the final choices so whatever you add to YOUR CART and when you CHECK OUT it is not set in stone. So cram that baby full of your wants and needs, we can always do the " weed it down" later. It is kind of like going grocery shopping when your hungry. You can add the ice cream AND the cake but when you get to the counter, we may suggest a low cal option or a great work out to deal with the cake and ice cream ( wink wink)

-Due to the craftsmanship and cost of goods on MONOGRAM ITEMS all sales are final. However lets say you are Fancy Nancy and you ordered a yellow gold diamond necklace with "MFN' letters but you were shipped silver "BFD "with no stones. AGAIN, breath. Then rest assured we will fix it. Mistakes can happen from time to time after all we are not wall-mart ( yuk)  we are a small business so put away your klenex and lets get to solving things. Nancy we know you would not be caught dead in silver, you only do Fancy and  we understand that. We do not expect you to wear a big BFD necklace around, that's just wrong. If for any reason we have an issue with your custom order please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your item to discuss the issues so we can resolve it quickly. In all seriousness we take your orders very carefully and treat each order with white gloves. So you can be sure we are going to get it right. But in this big world of contracts and fine print we have been instructed to read you the laundry list of the " What could go wrongs" so while we are at it......

You could decide not to order now because this Debby Downer fine print made you into a Scared Scarlett. No way, not you, your a Breezy Brenda and this kind of stuff won't hold back your fashionitsa flavor.

- We are always available by phone at 949-338-3440. We are busy making your custom orders so please leave a message when prompted and we will return your call. Emails can often get a faster response. To email us  look on our website under " CONTACT US" and let us know how we can help you. While you are at it JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST- Get in the know.

-We process our credit card transactions through SQUARED services. To make a credit card payment at check out just enter in your information and your statement will show THE BLACK FLAMINGO and or SQUARED. We do not store your credit card information by law so if we need to upgrade your order we may send you a new invoice. 

-Please note: Starting summer of 2012. The Black Flamingo will require a electronic signature or electronic agreement to charge your credit card for the amount of your item. This will protect the buyer and seller in the event of credit card fraud. This will require the buyer to to "Agree to terms" of our return, exchange and custom order policy as stated above.  This also means you agree to the DON'T BE A DIVA Fancy Nancy and enjoy the process of shopping and design your custom jewelry.

Contact number 949-338-3440

Mail inquires and returns can be sent to 

The Black Flamingo

Po Box 9008

Laguna Beach Ca 92652

This policy has been updated as of June 1, 2012 and is good on all purchases from that date forward. Orders placed prior to this date are held to our old policy of "all sales final"

You made it through! You have survived the fine feathered friend fine print. So enough about that, go shop. Click the link below for our new favorite item we added.  Here is a hint...When people enter your home they will know you are quickly becoming a local icon of style.



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